AMS is committed to provide reliability and confidence with Voltage® products to its customers and business partners. We are also highly committed to our environmental as well as social responsibilities, locally and internationally. An integrated management system (IMS) has been installed and now we are certified by ISO-9001, ISO-140001 and OHSAS-18001 Standards. Likewise, AMS is certified for a validated QC Plan being deployed and applied in all processes.
Each product of AMS has passed all technical assessments implemented by accredited domestic and international laboratories successfully, as follows:

  • Tavanir Co.
  • Iranian Niroo Research Institute
  • European VEIKI-VNLLTO Laboratory
  • Iranian Electronic Power and Industry Laboratory (EPIL)

Afra Office

ADDRESS: Saman Building, Alley 3, Mahmoudieh street, Chamran Blvd. Shiraz, IRAN

PHONE:      +987136540838-41

Mobile:       +989175908969


Afra Factory

ADDRESS: AFRA MODERN SYSTEMS, Mokhaberat Blvd. East Tejarat Blvd. Shiraz Especial Economic Zone

POSTCODE: 715911-13958

PHONE:   +987137175281-2

PHONE:   +987137175292 -3